IDF soldier
IDF soldier Yaakov Naumi/Flash 90

The Israeli soldier hospitalized in critical condition last week after accidentally eating granola at his base passed away Sunday morning at Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva. 

The recently-enlisted Shalev Hazan was allergic to nuts, and began to choke at the Military Police Corps base after he consumed granola during dinner. He was rushed to the base's clinic. 

Doctors at the clinic attempted to resuscitate Hazan, but, according to his father, did not inject him with the epipen shot that could have eased the severe allergic reaction. 

"In his medical file, all of his allergies are written," Yossi Hazan said last week. "Why didn't the army prepare an epipen syringe which every person with these type of allergies carries. Why didn't the doctors at the base inject him before he lost consciousness and they began resuscitation?  Why let him go into a state of unconsciousness? Why did it take such a long time to evacuate him to Soroka?"

Yossi Hazan was equally critical of the IDF after the death of his son Sunday, stressing to Channel 2 that the army "needs to learn how to protect people with allergies." 

"If I had sent my son to war in Gaza and he was critically injured by a bullet to the heart, I would accept it because that's war. But if my son is gone because of nuts, I don't accept it and I will not accept it for the world."

In a statement, the IDF sent its condolences to the family and said a police investigation into Hazan's death would be launched.