Helicopter flies over wreckage of Metrojet Flight 9268
Helicopter flies over wreckage of Metrojet Flight 9268Reuters

The United Kingdom (UK) has continued to bar flights to and from the Sinai's Sharm el-Sheikh airport, Al-Arabiya reports Friday, following the Metrojet crash in a suspected Islamic State (ISIS) bomb attack in October. 

British airlines canceled flights in the week after the crash, stranding thousands of British citizens in the resort town amid a slow evacuation process. 

Months after the crash, however, the ban on flights has been extended until as late as March. 

Monarch airlines will resume flights on January 25; British Airways, February 13; easyJet, February 29; and Thomson and Thomas Cook, March 23.

The latter two companies may have extended their ban, at least in part, over a close call in August wherein one of its planes barely dodged a rocket over the Sinai Peninsula. 

The Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory warning British citizens to refrain from all non-essential flights to the airport. All airlines are currently from flying below 26,000 feet (8,000 meters) over Sinai due to fears of terrorist attacks.