CBS headline on Jerusalem attack
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Israel’s Government Press Office appealed Thursday to the CNN and CBS networks requesting clarification, in light of their outwardly biased coverage of yesterday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

In the attack, two Arab terrorists launched a stabbing spree at the Old City's Yafo Gate, murdering one victim and seriously wounding another, while a third was accidentally shot dead by security forces while trying to fight them off. One terrorist was killed and the other was seriously wounded.

In a letter to CNN, Press Office Director Nitzan Chen noted that this is not the first time that criticism has been raised in regards to the network’s coverage. "I ask you to explain the difference between the initial CNN news reported by Oren Liebermann in Jerusalem, and the title on the screen shortly thereafter."

The letter further states that, "needless to say we believe that combining two killers with two victims into 'Four dead' is not only false but also unethical, and borders on incitement because the audience can easily misinterpret this."

CNN initial report
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In a letter to the CBS network, Chen wondered how the title on the website’s homepage - stating "two Palestinians killed after a stabbing attack in Jerusalem" - came about. 

"We cannot think of a worse example of anti-Israel bias than the unfortunate title in your site which appeared yesterday, even if it was only for a short time," wrote the Press Office Director.

Chen added, "how can you even compare the difference between these titles - 2 Palestinians killed after stabbing attack in Jerusalem - and the title which appears now - Two Israelis dead after stabbing attack in Jerusalem; 2 Palestinians assailants killed?”

CBS initial headline
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CBS corrected headline
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