Protest presentation
Protest presentation Jews do not torture Jews

Activists from the "Jews do not torture Jews" organization staged a presentation-cum-protest in Tel Aviv's Habima Square this Wednesday afternoon, reenacting the alleged torture of right-wing activists under the supervision of the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet). 

The organizers entitled the show "a taste of the interrogation room." 

Activists "tortured" an actor in front of the public, including a mock beating, to give passersby a "taste" of what allegedly is happening in the ISA investigation of the suspects of the Duma arson attack and murder.

The script was reconstructed from real-life testimony from the Duma hearings. In one of the "incidents," the "prisoner" was forced to sit on a chair without a backrest and had his back bent, as one of the minor suspects in the case has testified. 

Zvi Sukkot, a resident of Yitzhar who organized the exhibit, noted the importance of bringing the matter to public attention.

"A large number of men were arrested last month and tortured in a sadistic way - unlike anything we've seen done to Jews since the State of Israel began," he said. "There is not a drop of exaggeration, on the contrary, the performance is less severe than what the boys are going through."

"We brought today to the people of Israel a taste of what is happening in Jewish boys' interrogation rooms," he continued. "This conduct of the ISA, their torture of Jews, is appalling, and it's hard to define its implications for Israeli society."