Roman Zadorov
Roman Zadorov Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Supreme Court on Wednesday morning dismissed the petition of Roman Zadorov, finding him guilty for the 2006 murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada at a school in the town of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.

This marks the second time Zadorov tried to appeal his conviction of stabbing the young girl to death, having been handed a life sentence.

The eighth-grader Tair Rada's body was found in a bathroom stall in the Nofei Golan school in Katzrin in late 2006. Two suspects were arrested in the days after the murder and then released. Zadorov, who worked in the school at the time, was arrested a week later, and after six days in interrogation admitted to the crime and reenacted it.

Supreme Court Judge Yoram Danziger on Wednesday called to acquit Zadorov given the "heavy doubt" concerning his actual guilt arising from evidence in the case, but he was overruled by his two colleagues.

Ilana Rada, the bereaved mother of Tair, said following the decision that "it's still in doubt that he's the murderer. Until the end of my life I will continue to pursue the murderers."

Zadorov's wife Olga said she was convinced her husband is innocent, saying, "the legal system doesn't want to admit to its mistake when it destroyed a family. The judges didn't read all the material. The material is built on lies by the attorney's office and the police. When will they stop being afraid. What does the legal system have against my husband?"

She added that the legal system did not retry the case because if Zadorov was acquitted many other convicted felons would request a retrial.

Zadorov's lawyer Avigdor Feldman said, "is it possible to send a man to a life sentence when a Supreme Court justice thinks there isn't enough evidence?"

Feldman said he intends to take up the minority opinion and demand that a wide forum of judges be convened for a renewed discussion of the case.

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