Water.IOYoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva recently attended Food Tech Nation 2015, a conference dedicated to innovation in the food industry. 

At the conference, we spoke with Yoav Hoshen, the co-founder and Business Developments VP of Water.IO, about the "smart bottle-caps" his company has developed. 

"We develop smart censor technology that gets into disposable water bottle caps and these censors actually measure how much we drink and alert us when we need to drink more," Hoshen explained.

Forgetting to drink is a common problem among all ages worldwide, Hoshen notes, adding that his company is "here to help solve that problem by providing real-time alerts to drink more based on your personal profile." 

Consumers can buy the tech-savvy water bottles from bottling companies and then sync them to a smart-phone application which creates a "personal hydration profile."

The profile, which takes into account a person's height and weight, is updated on a daily basis based on his/her activity as well as the weather. 

Water.IO has already begun manufacturing the bottles and they will be available for sale soon.