Police clash with protesters. last night
Police clash with protesters. last night Photo: Eliran Aharon

Chairman of the Association of Israeli Journalists, Yair Tarchitsky, sent a letter Monday morning to Chief Inspector General Roni Alshich, following reports of police beating journalists at a demonstration last night near the iconic Jerusalem Chords Bridge.

Last night while covering the demonstration, Arutz Sheva reporter Eliran Aharon was among several journalists violently attacked by police. NRG - Makor Rishon photographer Miri Tzahi, Hillel Meir of the TPS agency, and Jonathan Zindel of Flash 90, were also attacked.

"According to the information we received, a number of journalists were attacked yesterday by officers using clubs, among other things, while they were covering a demonstration at the entrance to Jerusalem. As part of the violence, journalists were injured and their professional equipment was damaged too," said Tarchitsky.

He continued, "We are talking about an event that joins the dozens of violent cases by police against journalists in the past year. We will not agree to abandon the safety of journalists. For us, it is not just an attack on these specific journalists, but an attack on all journalists and the public which we serve when we go out to the field to document reality.”

"We demand that there will be a review of the events which unfolded last night and to punish the police who beat journalists," added Tarchitsky, "We urge [Chief Inspector General Roni Alshich] to take responsibility for the problem and solution. It's time for action and results.”