Katyusha (file)
Katyusha (file) Flash90

Northern communities in Israel have stepped up emergency preparedness Monday, following Sunday night's rocket fire into the western Galilee. 

A Palestinian Arab terror group claimed responsibility for firing three Katyushas into northern Israel Sunday; one of the rockets, found this morning, had a diameter of 107 mm (4 inches).

In light of the find, regional council heads are on high alert. 

"We are taking advantage of the situation and practicing emergency preparation," Giora Salz, head of the Upper Galilee Regional Council, stated to Channel 2. "Every effort must be taken to hold drills and then return to normal as quickly as possible."

Salz remained positive, however. "The good news is that Hezbollah, unlike other organizations, understands the importance of being part of the government in Lebanon - and therefore understands the strength of our response." 

Tzfat (Safed) mayor Ilan Shohat confirmed Monday, as well, that the city held an emergency drill following the rocket fire among municipal workers, residents, and educational institutions. 

"Last night's rocket fire only highlights the need to continue to prepare for every scenario," he said. 

Further north, in Kiryat Shmona, emergency drills have already become routine.

"The strength of Kiryat Shmona [residents is] known to everyone," Mayor Nissim Malka stated Monday. "The local authority conducts weekly reviews on the security situation and we are prepared and ready for any scenario."

"Those who need to worry and continue to live their lives in fear and apprehension and below ground are terrorists, not us," Malka added. "Our population is strong; our people are high-quality; they refuse to get anxious unnecessarily." 

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