Leftists are spewing venom these days against Moshe Klughaft, the advertising strategist who crafted the video attacking ultra-leftist "foreign agents."

The hard-hitting video singles out four far-left activists by name and explains that they receive foreign funds to undermine Israel's standing in the world.

One leftist Facebook user asked his friends: "Have you ever heard of 'Klughaft'? What does the sound of it remind you of?" He then provides four possible answers: a traditional German food; a green district in Germany; a huge amusement park ride in Germany, or the name of a senior SS officer.

Another leftist wrote on Twitter that he ran into Klughaft on the street: "Klughaft, may his name be blotted out, just walked past me now. I did not know if I should cry, laugh, or hit him, so I did nothing."

Prof. Amiram Goldblum of Hebrew University took matters a step further on his Facebook page and published a picture of Klughaft next to a picture of Julius Streicher, founder and publisher of the Nazi newspaper, Der Sturmer.

"There is no direct connection between Julius Streicher, the ultimate anti-Semite, a villain who was executed after being tried at Nuremberg, and a small-time beginner criminal, Moshe Klughaft, the advertising man who prepared the video against the human rights activists in Israel – a video in the style of Streicher's Der Sturmer," wrote Goldblum.

"But there appears to be a connection nonetheless, not genetic, of course," he added. "They are both particularly rotten apples on the human tree, both are despicable inciters, both serve fascist organizations and individuals. There is a small difference: Streicher did it out of ideology; Klughaft combines ideology and a prostitute's fee.

Goldblum went on: "I do not know if Klughaft traveled in order to study Streicher's methods in the vilest newspaper ever published in human history. But there is no doubt that he is advancing  in the direction. Maybe Streicher appears in Klughaft's dreams?"