A group IDF officers and combat soldiers who have declared war on "Breaking the Silence" joined Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid in a press conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday to announce new efforts to hinder the organization. 

During the press conference, Lapid vowed to implement a wave of legislation aimed at preventing pro-BDS organizations from funding Israeli non-profits that discredit the Jewish state abroad. 

"I stand here surrounded by the representatives of 600 IDF officers and soldiers, the best of our sons, including company and battalion commanders who represent what the IDF stands for - values and leadership," Lapid declared. "They are standing here to defend those values. The IDF defends those values." 

"Criticism builds us as a society, but there is a fundamental difference between criticism and the vilification abroad of IDF soldiers and officers," he asserted. "This is not criticism but an erosion under the foundation of the state." 

"Organizations like Breaking the Silence have crossed the red line between criticism and sabotage," Lapid opined.  

Company commander (res.) Amit Deri, who runs the Tabor pre-military academy, accused Breaking the Silence of becoming a tool in the hands of organizations that promote a boycott of Israel.

"Who are you Breaking the Silence that you [claim to] represent us, IDF soldiers, and tell us that we threw the code of ethics out the window?" he blasted. 

"Breaking the Silence tells blood libels about us in the US and across Europe. They say the IDF deliberately harms civilians," Deri charged. "You may criticize, but you cannot lie. Breaking the Silence is no longer legitimate." 

"We are officers and soldiers and we will not rest. That is our obligation until Breaking the Silence stops its attack on us."