Be'er Sheva attack
Be'er Sheva attackMeir Even Haim / Flash 90

Muhaned Al-Okabi, the terrorist who carried out the fatal shooting attack in Be'er Sheva's Central Bus Station two months ago, was buried overnight Sunday. 

The funeral, attended only by 50 relatives and close friends, was held at the cemetery near Hura - under an agreement with Israel Police the affair be quiet and small. 

Returning the body of a terrorist who holds Israeli citizenship is an unusual step and one the state has not implemented for any other Israeli Arab implicated in the recent terror wave.  

The policy on returning the bodies of Palestinian terrorists from Judea and Samaria is different, with bodies having been returned to the Palestinian Authority shortly after attacks in a bid to prevent a worsening of the security situation. 

A representative of the Al-Okabi family told Walla! News that the funeral was quiet and attended primarily by family, as demanded by authorities. It lasted no longer then an hour. 

"From the first day after the attack, we requested to bury the body and return to living our lives," he said. "We were told on Friday to prepare a burial place, and that's what we did, but in the beginning we didn't know when we would receive the body."

IDF soldier Omri Levy, 19, was killed in the October 18 attack as was Eritrean migrant Haptom Zerhom, who was shot by a security guard under the mistaken impression he was an accomplice. Ten others were injured.