Naor Shalev at Kotel
Naor Shalev at Kotel Hezki Ezra

Just over two months after he was critically injured in a brutal stabbing attack in Jerusalem, 13-year-old Naor Shalev celebrated his Bar Mitzvah Thursday morning at the Kotel. 

Shalev arrived at the Jerusalem holy site for the celebration along with family and friends. He was called up to the Torah to read from the weekly portion of "Vayigash."

נאור שליו חוגג בר מצווה בכותל

The October 12 attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev nearly took Shalev's life.

Two Arab cousins, 13 and 15-year-old cousins Hassan and Ahmed Mansara from Beit Hanina, seriously wounded Shalev and another young Israeli man. 

Shalev remained under anesthesia and on a respirator for several weeks after the stabbing as doctors fought for his life. He miraculously recovered from his near-fatal injuries giving a special meaning to the Bar Mitzvah celebrations. 

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Speaking at the event was Meir Turgeman, the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, who praised Shalev's special occasion as proof that "Jerusalemites are strong and will not surrender to terror."

During the ceremony, Itai Betzalel, the director of the Society for the Development of the Jewish Quarter, presented Shalev with a copy of the Hurva prayer book.