Sushi (illustration)
Sushi (illustration) Flash 90

A 14-year-old youth choked to death on Tuesday while eating sushi at his school in Kiryat Ono, located to the east of Tel Aviv in the sprawling coastal metropolitan area.

As soon as the boy started choking on the Japanese dish that features rice rolled in seaweed, the Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency hotline was contacted and medics began providing instructions on how to extract the food from his throat and resuscitate him.

MDA crews who reached the scene gave the youth medical treatment and evacuated him to Tel Hashomer Hospital while continuing to give him resuscitation, but his medical situation was already classified as critical.

Later on the medics were forced to pronounced the tragic death of the youth.

MDA paramedics Chaim Bernas and Ohad Bein said, "we saw a 14-year-old boy lying unconscious, with people at the site giving him basic resuscitation."

"We provided him with medical treatment and conducted advanced and continued resuscitation techniques, and evacuated him while continuing the resuscitation activities to the hospital while his situation was critical."

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