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Islamic jihadists in the African nation of Mali have much to be afraid of, as the tiny state of Luxembourg announced this week it is responding to France's call for help by doubling its anti-terror force in the nation - from one soldier, to two soldiers.

Mali was the site of a jihadist siege at a luxury hotel late last month that left 19 people dead, mostly foreigners. Among those murdered was an Israeli businessman, who was staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel when terrorists of the Al-Murabitoun group of Al Qaeda stormed the luxury site that is a favorite among Western officials.

The Luxemberger Wurt reported that after France enacted a clause in the Lisbon Treaty requiring EU states to help a member country in need - a move taken in the wake of the Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Paris last month that left 130 murdered - Luxembourg lost no time in responding.

It decided to help out by sending a second soldier to Mali, who is due to arrive in early 2016 and help the EU training mission there.

Luxembourg is home to just over half a million citizens, and in addition to sending one whole soldier, it also has promised to send 2 million euros ($2.2 million) to the Malian army to help it fight terror.

Those funds are to be used for training, equipment, medical supplies, and efforts to stop the campaign of incitement turning Mali's children into Islamist jihadists.

Surprisingly, some Twitter users didn't take Luxembourg's valiant move to double its forces very seriously.