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Family and neighbors have revealed new details about the Israeli Arab IDF soldier who joined Islamic State (ISIS) Sunday, including where he served and the background behind his disappearance. 

The soldier, who had been scheduled to be released from regular army service in January 2014, left Israel for Turkey and from there continued to Syria, taking his dog tags from his IDF days with him.

Now, the soldier's mother revealed to Walla! News that her son had been serving in the elite combat Givati Brigade - and that her son had been out of touch with his family for five years after a family feud. The feud apparently surrounded the soldier's volunteering for the IDF, a move his father and uncle were against. 

An uncle told the daily that the soldier spent his weekends on the beach instead of with his family because of the fight. Eventually, the uncle managed to bridge the connection between father and son, and the father accepted that his son was a soldier; however, it is unclear what happened after the son was released. The uncle had arranged for the son to work at a recognized Israeli company post-IDF before the latter's disappearance. 

There are around 100 to 150 Arab Israelis currently fighting for ISIS or arrested by the group, but this is the first case of a released IDF soldier joining the Sunni jihadist group.