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Lior and Kineret held a commitment ceremony with each other last Thursday, with assistance from their best friend who helped plan and organize the occasion.

The next day, when the couple woke up at the hotel room they traveled to with friends who celebrated with them the night before, the girls were shocked to discover their best friend had disappeared - and cash saved up to pay for the event disappeared with her, in addition to some gift money.

"We are shocked, I never thought anything like this could happen and that she would do it," says Lior. "We tried to contact her since that morning and she just never answers. At first we worried for her safety, but now she is considered missing. Later we found out that she had stolen a larger sum of money from us than we first thought."

According to Lior, the friend in question was her friend since the age of 12 - who later in life lived with her and her partner for five years: "I gave her financial and emotional help; she is deep in debt and is not in contact with her family. We could not believe she was even able to do something like that. We saved up money for this wedding - she helped us organize it, and now she disappeared with the money and some gifts. "

The two planned to pay for the banquet hall with wedding gifts and the money they saved up, and now they owe money to the hall: "She stole from us 25 thousand shekels when the wedding cost double. She really planned everything and insisted that she keep charge of the money. She knew exactly how much to take - that's why she didn’t take it all, but a large part - and the majority of cash. She just ran away, leaving her clothes and belongings behind. "

"She danced and celebrated with us in our wedding, when in fact she knew all along that after the event she is going to steal the money. We told her that after the wedding, we will continue to help her - that she could still live with us or we would help her pay for an apartment close to us," says Lior.

Lior and Kineret filed a complaint with the Petah Tikva police. "I did not expect it, my partner took it really hard and she did not stop crying. She does not understand how our friend did this to us. Good people and friends are helping us and sharing the post we have published on Facebook. We hope they find her soon. "