Lieberman at the scene of terror
Lieberman at the scene of terror Photo: Shomron Regional Council

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman visited Sunday Orot junction near the town of Avnei Hefetz in Samaria, where the shooting attack on Shaul and Rachel Nir last week took place. 

MK Liberman expressed his support for the residents and Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan's demands to restore security.

Liberman said, "There was no reason to open these roads to Palestinian traffic. The writing was on the wall and this [faulty] decision was made by political leadership and commander's influence over the defense minister. We need to revisit the whole issue of Palestinian traffic on the roads leading to the Jewish towns."

"The main problem today is when there is no deterrence after the terrorists are caught,” he added. "We should destroy the homes of terrorists who failed to kill and failed to attack, we should start deporting them to Gaza, and not have to wait until they kill more Jews."

"The recent wave of violence is an initiative of Abbas who wants to return the Palestinian issue to the international agenda through violence," Liberman charged. "The Prime Minister knew to stop the transfer of money to the Palestinians before the elections and I expect him to know to do the same after the elections when terrorists are killing Jews."

Livnat Ozeri, daughter of the wounded and a widow of a terrorist attack, was also present and said, "I understand the complexity that the State of Israel is dealing with in the international arena. However, there must be a specific solution to close-off the roads to protect the lives of civilians.”

When asked about her parents' situation Ozeri said "I was at home when I heard a burst of gunfire and heard over the PA system that there was a shooting at the Orot intersection.I left my house and inquired as to what type of car it was. I immedatly understood it was them." 

"I saw my dad being removed from the car with a bullet in his head. I went with him from the ambulance to the doctors. I thought for sure this is the end of him. Suddenly, he started speaking. The doctor in the ambulance told us we had Hannukah miracle. The bullet entered his skull but did not damage the brain." 

"Today I received good news, the doctors told us that the brain was not damaged. This is a big relief for us."

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