Hevron terrorist stabs while being shot
Hevron terrorist stabs while being shotScreenshot

Security cameras picked up the horrific stabbing attack outside Hevron's Beit Hadassah on Wednesday, in which a soldier was moderately wounded and a civilian was lightly wounded.

Warning: viewer discretion is advised.

In the film, the Arab terrorist can be seen approaching the soldier before suddenly whipping out a knife and stabbing him repeatedly, as a civilian passing by steps in to try and help the soldier.

The terrorist continues stabbing the soldier on the ground again and again even as he is shot several times, giving clear expression to how the calls not to use lethal force against knife attacks is completely out of touch with the lethal reality on the ground.

In the attack the soldier, aged in his 20s, suffered multiple stab wounds to his upper body, while the civilian was lightly wounded in the leg; the terrorist was killed in the attack.

MDA paramedic Zaki Yahav was among the first to arrive, and said, "when we reached the scene we saw two young men in their twenties lying next to Beit Hadassah. (They were) fully conscious and suffering from stab wounds; one of them suffered a number of stab wounds to his upper body, and the second from a stab wound to his leg."

"We began providing medical treatment and transferred them immediately into the ambulance. We continued treating them as we transferred them to Shaare Tzedek Hospital. One of them was in moderate condition and the other in light condition."