Netanyahu and Kaiya
Netanyahu and Kaiya Facebook

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's adopted dog Kaiya lost her holiday spirit Wednesday night at a Hanukkah lighting for Likud members at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem. 

The pup unexpectedly bit MK Sharren Haskel during the ceremony before sinking her teeth into Or Alon, the husband of Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. 

Both required medical attention as a result of the bite wounds. 

One party guest told Maariv that the dog probably bit Haskel out of panic over the large mass of people gathered at the residence. 

While Netanyahu accompanied Haskel to receive treatment, Hotovely's husband, despite being warned not to, began petting Kaiya, only to find himself attacked. 

He was treated by three paramedics at the residence. 

The Netanyahus adopted Kaiya in July, after the Prime Minister's son, Avner, pleaded with his parents to save the life of the "gentle" ten-year-old dog who was about to be put down. 

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