Minutes after Etti Meidad witnessed the stabbing of an Israeli soldier in Hevron on Wednesday, police forces were at her door arresting her 13-year-old son on suspicion of confronting European anarchists who came to film the IDF's response to the attack. 

Meidad's son was released without condition following the conclusion of the Hevron district's investigation, in which he was accused of pushing one of the anarchists.

Her husband, Shmuel Meidad - the director of the Honenu legal aid organization - was present during the interrogation. 

"We heard screams and immediately ran to the window," Meidad recounted. "I saw the Arab on top of the soldier stabbing him, and then came a youth from the town with bare hands running toward the Arab to save the soldier, but the Arab also stabbed him in the leg. Immediately after, our security officer shot and eliminated the Arab."

"Immediately after the attack, residents and soldiers gathered [at the scene]. Then a bunch of European anarchists from the TIPH organization arrived," she continued. "The children took pictures and demanded they be removed but the soldiers kept them apart." 

"The anarchists arrived to create provocations after an attack on our street, but the police officers were protecting them fiercely," Meidad charged. "My son took a picture and then they jumped on him and arrested him."

Meidad attacked the defense establishment's conduct, noting the near-daily attacks in the city. 

"The army is playing on all levels with the lives of citizens and soldiers under its command," she slammed. "After an attack, they temporarily close the area to Arabs and then re-open it immediately, saying, 'we'll see what happen.'"

"Unsurprisingly, what happens is another attack and another attack. The army must stop this conduct whose price is the blood of soldiers and residents."