Police vehicle outside Chabad-Lubavitch center (file)
Police vehicle outside Chabad-Lubavitch center (file)Reuters

Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn was evacuated on Tuesday night due to a bomb threat.

The threat targeting the iconic Jewish center was made in a phone call to 911, and in response the NYPD together with the Shomrim neighborhood patrol evacuated the building.

After it was cleared, a thorough investigation of the site was conducted, and after it was confirmed that no explosives were present people were let back in a few hours later.

"We trace(d) the phone call back to a psych ward but we're still taking all precautions," an NYPD source told COLlive.com, in confirmation of police sources who told CrownHeights.info that the call came from a psych ward in Queens.

However, in consideration of the recent high profile terror attacks - most recently the lethal California shooting claimed by Islamic State (ISIS) last week - the NYPD decided to take no chances.

Ironically just a few hours before the threat, NYPD and counter-terrorism experts sat with directors of Jewish schools and organizations in Crown Heights to hold a security briefing, covering various potential terror attack scenarios and ways of preventing them.

Chabad's 770 has been targeted before.

In December 2014, an attacker with mental illness stabbed a man at the center, seriously wounding him, while shouting "I'm stabbing a Jew!" The attacker was shot by police respondents, and the victim later recovered from his wounds.