They are possibly the most commonly maligned group in the world - certainly in Israel.

Habitually attacked as "obstacles to peace" or "extremist," the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Judea and Samaria, across a diverse range of communities, have even been granted a single, catch-all - and some would argue purposefully dehumanizing - moniker: "the settlers."

But one "settler" - Ezri Tubi of the town of Yitzhar in Samaria - has been taking on those stereotypes, among other attacks against the State of Israel in general.

His latest video presentation is his slickest yet, demonstrating how this one-man Israel advocacy movement has gained plenty of momentum and support since his relatively humble beginnings.

And he is highly critical of Israel's tendency to respond to attacks on its presence in "the West Bank" by skirting around the issue, instead of tackling it head-on - leaving it to private individuals such as himself to make their voices heard.

"There's no choice," Tubi explained. "The Israeli Information (Hasbara) Ministry tries to hide the communities of Judea and Samaria, as if they don't exist, and focuses mainly on the secular, liberal side of the country. 

"But in the era of social media anyone can speak and express themselves however he chooses."

"We are talking about one of the most amazing and unique communities, and on the other hand one of the world's most reviled," he noted. "There is no doubt that we are lagging considerably on everything to do with public relations."