Nurse (illustration)
Nurse (illustration) Flash 90

Detectives from the Judea and Samaria Police arrived at a hospital in central Israel Thursday afternoon and sought to arrest a nurse, in connection with the investigation of the arson-murder in the Arab village of Duma last July.

The nurse is a sister of a suspect in the case, who is a minor.

The move is part of an attempt by the Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shabak) and police to break the suspect's spirit, according to the suspect's attorney, Avihai Hajbi of the Honenu legal aid organization.

Meanwhile, the suspect's aunt has been questioned for hours on end Thursday without being allowed to see an attorney, Honenu charged.

Detectives from the Judea and Samaria Police's Central Unit reportedly arrived at the hospital and began to look for the nurse, by asking many of the nurses present about her and demanding to receive the hospital's work schedule. When they located the suspect's sister, they detained her in the middle of her shift and took her cellphone away from her.

The detectives were about to whisk the nurse away for interrogation, but they changed their minds after members of the hospital staff told them that taking her away in the middle of her shift would endanger human lives. After 30 minutes elapsed, the detectives decided to free her, and to summon her for interrogation tomorrow (Friday).

"The Israel Security Agency continues to behave in a manner that befits third world countries," charged Hajbi.

"It is clear to all that the pressure and the unacceptable methods that the ISA is employing against the family has one and only one goal only – to bring pressure to bear on the suspects to so that they make false admissions."