Shuafat demolition
Shuafat demolitionScreenshot

About 1,200 policemen, as well as Border Police and soldiers, entered the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat on Wednesday, in order to demolish the home of a terrorist who ran over and murdered two people last year.

Jerusalem Councilor Arieh King expressed his approval Thursday following the demolition, but also said he hopes that the next demolition in Shuafat, in the northeast of the capital, will not require such huge forces.

"It looked as though an IDF regiment was entering Marj Ayoun in southern Lebanon," he told Arutz Sheva. "All the residents of Jerusalem should be worried by this. This is the result of the negligence by the Israeli government in the last seven years; there has been no enforcement of the law in Shuafat and Anata – not regarding building, not regarding the environment, not regarding traffic; no collection of drugs or weapons. So it is no wonder that we need 1,200 police to go in there.

"It is time to open a police station in Shuafat," he said. "Once we are inside there, the whole situation will change. One of the leaders of the Arab public in the neighborhood called me this morning and told me that today was a holiday for him, the happiest day since (Binyamin) Netanyahu became prime minister, because the police had finally entered to bring back some law and order. For years, the man has been begging authorities to enter Shuafat."

The terrorist whose home was demolished murdered a yeshiva student and Border Police officer in a car-ramming attack last November. Seventeen-year-old Shalom Ba'adani – son of prominent Sephardic Rabbi and Shas party official Rabbi Shimon Ba'adani – was fatally wounded in the attack, as was Druze officer Jedan Assad, who left behind a pregnant wife and three-year-old son.

Thirteen others were wounded in the attack at the Shimon Hatzadik light rail station, close to the Jerusalem Municipal building. The attack was carried out by Shuafat resident Ibrahim al-Akri, who first plowed his car into pedestrians and then emerged swinging a large metal rod after his car eventually crashed. He was shot dead by Border Police.

The demolition took place in Shuafat, Jerusalem, and a police source said the large deployment of police and soldiers was meant to enable engineers to carry out the demolition safely and prevent any local disturbances by Arab rioters.