A physical altercation nearly broke out between Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) and MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz) on Wednesday during a Knesset debate over a bill to increase disability benefits. 

Speaking from the Knesset plenum, Gilon, who himself suffers a leg disability, accused the Jewish Home party of working only for its own interests and ignoring the allocation of funds to the disabled. 

"Every faction saw fit to back this proposal, which offers the distributive justice much needed in this country, with the exception of one - Jewish Home," Gilon charged. 

"Jewish Home travels in a D-9, and shoots at prime ministers between the eyes," he continued. "They don't have time for these disabled people, they don't have time. They probably think that 2,342 shekels a month is manageable."

While preliminary votes were being counted, Shaked requested a chance to respond to Gilon's accusations. 

"MK Gilon, I'm fed up," she blasted. "I'm tired of MKs, in the best case, not telling the truth and slandering, and in the worst case, flat out lying. It's so easy to always bash the Jewish Home faction, but here's a fact and not just a slogan - we're working while you're inciting."

From his seat, Gilon shouted "chutzpah" and "who are you, anyway" at the Justice Minister, while continuing to berate Jewish Home for, in his words, not doing enough to help the disabled. 

"Minister Naftali Bennett ordered billions of shekels to make educational institutions more handicapped accessible over the next five years," Shaked pressed on. "Billions of shekels for accessibility lifts, ramps for children, tablets for the visually impaired - but the facts don't interest you."

"The Deputy Religious Affairs Minister made sure that every mikveh was accessible for handicapped women. Nissan Slomiansky saw to it that all disabled IDF veterans would receive a discount on their water and electricity bills. The faction that has done the most for the disabled is Jewish Home - I demand you apologize."

After stepping down from the Knesset plenum, Shaked prepared to leave the hall, but suddenly turned back and began to walk toward Gilon's seat to continue the argument. 

Knesset guards, fearing a physical confrontation, immediately intervened and escorted her from the Knesset hall, while Gilon muttered: "That's the Justice Minister."