Swastika graffiti (illustration)
Swastika graffiti (illustration) Reuters

Campus police for the University of Central Florida (UCF) have released surveillance footage of two suspects distributing anti-Semitic stickers and fliers around dorms. 

The stickers contained images of Nazi swastikas, while the fliers featured offensive, anti-Semitic hate speech, police said.

Along with the stickers was a note calling to boycott all Israelis products, as well as a flier stating: Florida, let’s kick it off! Join your local Nazis, the Atomwaffen division!”

The anti-Semitic paraphernalia were found in four different locations on campus, including on bulletin boards and newspaper stands at the campus' Tower Two and Tower Four buildings. 

Amid outrage from Jewish students, the UCF administration has vowed to find the perpetrators, stressing the school "has a zero tolerance policy regarding incidents or bias or discrimination in any form."

In the footage released by UCF police, one suspect is seen wearing a green t-shirt and shorts, while the other is wearing a red t-shirt and dark pants. 

Police officials say the two are considered "persons of interest" in the November 15 act of vandalism and that they wish to interrogate them. 

"The displays are not reflective of the values of UCF, and we're asking for your help to identify people who may know more about their origins," police said in a release.

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