Dvir Litman
Dvir LitmanArutz Sheva

Dvir Litman, whose sister Sarah-Tehiya married Ariel Bigel Thursday night, told Arutz Sheva about the mixed emotions after his father and brother was murdered in a terrorist shooting attack.

"We are feeling our pain, but at the same time we must be happy in the joy of Sarah-Tehiya. Our pain is big, and on the same evening in which I will say kaddish (prayer for the departed - ed.) for my father in the evening prayer, I will also sing 'Boi kallah' ('come forward, O bride' - ed.) for my sister."

"We are showing that no one can defeat the Nation of Israel and that we will remain strong no matter what happens to us," he explained.

The young orphaned son said, "we would have been happy to have a happy wedding, a wedding without anything to bother us, but God wanted it differently, but we do not break."

"We will rejoice today, despite the sorrow and pain, without father and without Netanel, and they will look at us from above and take part from there."

Sarah-Tehiya Litman had to postpone her wedding after her father and brother were murdered in a drive-by shooting near Hevron almost two weeks ago, but on Thursday night she and Ariel got married in Jerusalem.

The interview, in Hebrew, can be viewed below.

דביר ליטמן, אח הכלה