IDF naval officers
IDF naval officersHaim Zach / Flash 90

The son of the Israeli Navy's former commander-in-chief, Admiral (res.) Eliezer Marom, was dismissed from his military service, Channel 2 revealed on Wednesday night. 

According to the report, the younger Marom was discharged after failing to pass security clearance checks due to "issues related to transmitting [classified] information."

The security clearance process started earlier this year when the younger Marom, a lieutenant colonel, began serving as deputy commander of the navy base in Ashdod. 

A number of issues were discovered during the process, promptly ending his military career. 

Responding to the case, the IDF said that "the officer culminated his military service, and for privacy reasons we cannot elaborate further." 

In its report, Channel 2 noted the affair was not a criminal matter, nor was the opening of an investigation required, and that the younger Marom is considered to be an esteemed officer.