French special forces (file)
French special forces (file)Reuters

A hostage situation has broken out in the northern French city of Roubaix, located near the border with Belgium, although police indicate the incident is not terror related.

Several victims have been shot according to medical services cited by Reuters, although one local paper reported that none were wounded.

The hostage crisis reportedly is taking place in a property on the corner of avenue Gustave Delory and rue Vaillant in the city.

Local media reported that heavily-armed men were holed up inside and had opened fire on police.

However, police sources suggested the hostage crisis may be related to a robbery as the hostages are a bank manager and his family according to French media reports.

It is not clear how many hostages are being held, but it would seem the incident is not linked to the ongoing manhunt for several suspects behind Islamic State's (ISIS) lethal attacks in Paris earlier this month that left 130 murdered.