Yitzhak Herzog and John Kerry
Yitzhak Herzog and John Kerry Noam Moskowitz

Opposition head MK Yitzhak Herzog (Zionist Camp) met on Tuesday with US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is currently on an official visit to Israel and the region.

At the start of their meeting, Herzog referenced the wave of Arab terror that has left numerous Israelis murdered and countless more wounded since it broke out at the start of October.

"It is Israel's right to strike terror with force - the murderers, the haters and the inciters," stated the Opposition leader.

"But we cannot only defend ourselves - we have to separate from the Palestinians. To remove the territories from Israel. To cut off this embrace of death between us and them."

In a shot at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, he added, "an Israeli leader who doesn't understand this, who doesn't dare and isn't ready to take advantage of the historic opportunity that stands before us - cannot be a leader of the state of Israel."

What particular "opportunity" Herzog sees in the current terror wave remains unclear, but this is far from the first time he has called to concede on Israel's Biblical heartland, claiming that such a move will bring an end to terror - despite the disastrous results of the 2005 Disengagement from Gaza.

Long before he lost to Netanyahu in the last elections, Herzog outlined his national plan in December 2013, calling to divide Jerusalem and make enormous territorial concessions.

Ahead of the recent elections, Herzog met with Kerry and US Vice President Joe Biden in Munich, in a meeting he tried to play down and disconnect from the elections amid accusations that he was trying to gain American support and harm the government's position.