Raz Bibi at the Kotel (file)
Raz Bibi at the Kotel (file)Public Relations

Raz Bibi, the Border Police officer who was stabbed and critically wounded by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem this May, returned to service on Monday after a grueling five months of recovery and rehabilitation.

Bibi was caught by surprise and stabbed at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's Old City, but despite his grave injuries heroically managed to shoot his attacker dead. Video from the scene showed Arab passersby fawning over the dead terrorist.

Roughly a month after the attack he was discharged from hospital and directly went to the Kotel (Western Wall) to pray and offer thanks for his miraculous recovery. Following another few months of heavy rehabilitation he once again showed his heroism by electing to return to active duty in the capital.

"From the moment when I opened my eyes in the hospital I knew I would return to wear the uniform of the Border Police. Today I'm happy that I returned to serve alongside my comrades in arms," Bibi was quoted as saying by the police.

Police released a video documenting the officer's return, showing him greeting a fellow officer who is seen telling him how much they all missed him. Several haredi men are seen wishing him a full recovery and saying "thanks to you we're here." The video can be seen by clicking the image below.

A Border Police commander is seen in the clip welcoming Bibi back at the Kotel Plaza, saying how much the force was waiting to see him come back, and defining him as a "symbol of decisiveness."

Bibi then recalled the attack, noting that he was on his way back to his unit from home leave and walking through the Damascus Gate when suddenly an Arab terrorist pounced on him from behind, stabbing him several times.

Instinctively, he managed to spin and shoot his assailant several times, preventing the possibility of more casualties in the attack.

He noted that after a long rehabilitation he was returning to his unit "to continue defending the nation of Israel."