Single male migrants (file)
Single male migrants (file) Reuters

In an apparent attempt to respond to the major concerns that Islamic terrorists will infiltrate the ranks of the 25,000 Syrian migrants being resettled in Canada, the Canadian government will not allow single Syrian males in according to sources.

The sources revealed to Canada's CBC News on Sunday night that only women, children and families will be allowed in so as to provide an answer to the security concerns that are particularly high regarding single men asking for asylum.

It remains to be seen how effective the measure will be, given that there has been long precedent of female terrorists taking part in attack, including suicide bombings, with many young women flocking to the ranks of Islamic State (ISIS).

On Tuesday the Canadian government will announce full details of the plan, but officials have already revealed details of the work they are conducting on the ground to process migrants prior to their entry to Canada.

Around 100 people a day have been screened in Lebanon in the last six weeks, in a Canadian screening process on top of the screening being conducted by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

However, the government has yet to reveal what kind of security screening is being conducted, and whether the screening will continue after the migrants reach Canadian soil.

No less than 900 migrants a day are planned to be flown in, mostly to Toronto and Montreal. They will initially be kept in military bases, as well as hotels and abandoned hospitals. The sites won't be called "camps" by the government, and likewise tents will not be used.

Sources have confirmed the resettlement plan will cost Canadian taxpayers a full $876.7 million for the first year alone, and the total cost over six years will be $1.2 billion.