Gershon Mesika (file)
Gershon Mesika (file)Flash90

Former Samaria (Shomron) Regional Council head Gershon Mesika described how he thwarted a stabbing near Elon Moreh on Sunday, in a special interview with Arutz Sheva in the hours after the incident. 

"I was traveling from Elon Moreh toward Tapuach, I passed the Territorial Brigade Intersection," he recounted. "Suddenly I heard someone cry, 'a terrorist! a terrorist!. I looked ahead, I saw someone in the ditch with a knife raised, ready to strike a teenage girl." 

"I didn't think twice, I swerved the car to the right," he continued. "I pressed on the gas, I hit her, my car of course fell into the ditch [with her], she fell on the ground."

"Soldiers came and began shooting; I wasn't hurt because even though my car entered the ditch, it only began descending [into it] after I put on the brakes," he added. 

"There were another 2-3 hitchhikers who entered (a car) before me, before I heard them shouting 'terrorist, terrorist,' and there were about 4-5 other people at the hitchhiking stop."