Scene of the attack
Scene of the attackMaoz Shomron security division

A female Palestinian Arab terrorist attempted to stab pedestrians at Brigade Square in Samaria Sunday morning, just after 9:15 am. 

Her attempt was thwarted after former Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika, who lives in Elon Moreh close to the intersection, plowed his car into her. Soldiers on duty then shot her, neutralizing her on-site.

The terrorist is listed as in serious condition; she was later declared dead at the scene. Mesika suffered nothing but a few scratches in stopping the attack. 

There are no other injuries reported. 

"I heard someone shout 'terrorist' and run toward a girl from Har Bracha, wielding a knife," Mesika stated in an interview with Army Radio in the minutes after the attack. "I made a quick decision: I veered to the right and slammed into her."

"A soldier then came and finished it."