Fatah: Nazis, Israelis, 'they're all the same'
Fatah: Nazis, Israelis, 'they're all the same'Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction has been caught once again demonizing Jews and inciting terror, in an offensive cartoon depicting all Israelis as Nazis - the genocidal German regime that sought to murder all Jews.

The cartoon, published last week on the website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission and revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) Thursday, shows the upper bodies of six Nazi officials arguing but joined together in one body with two legs, wearing a belt with a large Star of David on it.

The cartoon is headlined with the words "they are all the same," meaning all Israelis are Nazis, and additional text reads "the disputes inside 'Israel.'"

"They're all the same"
"They're all the same"Palestinian Media Watch

Fatah has long sought to demonize Jews with Nazi imagery. Earlier this year, Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen said there is "no difference" between Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in an interview with the Fatah run Awdah TV.

"Basically, he (Netanyahu) is the patron of those settlers and patron of the extreme mentality, the Nazi mentality. Therefore I say there is no difference between Hitler and Netanyahu. Netanyahu is a man who murders, advocates expansion, destroys homes, Judaizes territories, arrests thousands, and destroys the peace process," claimed Muhaisen.

Fatah official: There is no difference between...by palmediawatch

Ironically given his comparison with the Nazis, Muhaisen just recently said Palestinian Arabs have the "right" to murder Jews and "cause Israeli women to cry."

Abbas Zaki, another Fatah Central Committee member, told the semi official Iranian Fars News Agency last week that "as long as barbaric, Nazi, fascist Israeli steps are being taken, our people will not surrender or wave a white flag, and in the end (we) will defeat the occupier."

The statements are made ironic due to the current wave of Arab terror attacks that began in early October, and which on Thursday saw at least three Jewish victims murdered. 

But Zaki praised "the heroic acts being carried out by the young Palestinians against the Israeli enemy," in open support for terrorism.