Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Marc Israel Sellem / Flash 90

Jewish Home Chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett told Arutz Sheva Tuesday morning that with the decision to outlaw the Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement, Israel has gone "from the talking phase to the action phase" as regards the movement's operations.

Bennett stated that according to Israeli intelligence, the movement is "a sister organization to Hamas."

When asked if the decision does not come too late, seeing as the Islamic Movement has been making its mischief for many years, he replied: "This is an important decision. We do not look at the past, but years ahead. What country do we want to see? We are always pushing toward action and decisions."

Bennett said that he is unimpressed with reports according to which senior figures in the security establishment said that outlawing the Islamic Movement will only stir more unrest. "I take with a grain of salt statements made by various elements. I repudiate them. Terror is only countered with a strong arm. We were warned against destroying the homes of terrorists, too, and yet we see that this is a deterrent action. On the other hand, elements in the security establishment urged us to return bodies of terrorists; we did so and there was great unrest on the ground."

Bennett said that he visited the Litman family, which is sitting shiva in mourning in Kiryat Arba after the murder of the father, Rabbi Yaakov, and his son Netanel. "I heard a wonderful family that has undergone such a harsh and traumatic experience. Being present when the father of the family is murdered is terrible. I saw the courage of the family; true courage. Rabbi Yaakov was an educator of children and a rabbi. Netanel, his son, a Hero of Israel, remained cool during the terror attack and saved his family. I told the family that we would operate with a strong arm; we will fight terror and defeat it."

Asked if the prime minister has responded to his requests to renew construction in Judea and Samaria, Bennett refused to divulge information. He said only that "there is movement" and "some things are done quietly. We are not sitting on our hands."

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