Memorial outside French Consulate in Los Angelese
Memorial outside French Consulate in Los AngeleseReuters

A political source told Arutz Sheva on Saturday night that there is full cooperation between France and Israel in investigating the violent attacks in Paris.

"We handed over to France meaningful information that can help them in attempting to decipher the complete picture. We will continue to assist the French in any way in the common struggle against terrorism," the official said.

The collaboration comes as no surprise, as Israel and France have strong intelligence-related ties. It should be noted that according to foreign reports, Israeli intelligence agencies are the ones who recently passed the details of the most important information that led to the conclusion that the crash of the Russian airplane in the Sinai a few weeks ago was a terrorist attack.

Israeli officials did not comment on those reports which circulated last week.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was asked about the issue of intelligence coordination during his press conference on the Paris attacks Saturday night, and he would only say that "Israel has intelligence, we are not exactly a marginal element in this area, and the information we have we share with France and with other relevant countries, not only over the past 24 hours."

Meanwhile, Netanyahu called to increase security for Jewish institutions in France and worldwide in the wake of the attacks.

"Israel is shoulder to shoulder with France in the struggle against radical Islam that is eroding the Middle East and wide portions of the world," he said.

"I have ordered the security services to aid our friends in France and other countries. I have asked to tighten security measures around Israeli and Jewish institutions abroad. That is the order of the hour."