Hamza Tzorzis says he never used the site
Hamza Tzorzis says he never used the siteThinkstock

The United States has begun extradition proceedings against two Israelis charged in a massive hacking scheme targeting customers of banking giant JPMorgan Chase.

According to Channel 10, the process is being handled by the international department of the Prosecutor's Office with the assistance of the Israel Police's Intelligence Division. 

The two Israeli nationals - Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein - and their American accomplice Joshua Samuel Aaron were indicted Tuesday on multiple counts of fraud, conspiracy and other charges related to the hack.

The indictment unsealed in New York federal court said the three defendants charged in the hacking led a "sprawling cybercriminal enterprise" which hit at least a dozen firms including banks and brokerages.

JPMorgan Chase revealed last year that a hack had compromised data on 76 million household customers and seven million businesses, including their names, email addresses and telephone numbers.

Shalon and Orenstein were arrested in Israel this past July following an undercover sting operation.