Samaria activist Ezri Tubi has published yet another video in defense of Israel - this time directed at American Jews who support the boycott movement against the Jewish state. 

In the English-language video, entitled, "Something bad is happening to some American Jews," the Yitzhar resident takes aim at those Jews who "patronize" Israeli citizens by accusing their state of a host of evils. 

"When some Jews comfortable in their lives start solely accusing Israel and turning their back on us, then something bad is happening to them," Tubi argued. "So if you want us to accept your accusations, then accept ours too." 

After listing sharp Israeli rejoinders to a number of charges that have been thrown at the Jewish state, Tubi urged American Jews to "stop these mutual Jew accusations." 

"Israel's got flaws like any other country in the world... but don't worry, we're a mature society and we're taking care of it," he declared. "And believe me, we pray for peace and tranquility more than anyone else in the world."

"So to conclude, you don't have to support the state of Israel, feel free, but you must understand that when you degrade us by saying something bad is happening to us, we honestly believe something bad is happening to you too."