IDF soldiers near Jerusalem
IDF soldiers near Jerusalem Hadas Parush / Flash 90

A group of IDF soldiers frustrated by their appallingly low wages have begun a social media campaign in protest. 

Uniformed soldiers can be seen in photographs posted to Facebook holding signs reading "gam ani hayal" (also a poor soldier) - a play on the Hebrew homophone "ani" meaning "I" or "poor."

The campaign followed a contested Knesset decision to raise the salaries of Israel parliamentarians - only a day after the Knesset rejected a proposal to increase the salaries of IDF soldiers. 

Thousands of soldiers from both combat and back-office units immediately began to inundate the Facebook page "Soldiers tweet" with photographs or general support in protest of the decision. 

"Those same Knesset member who will receive a 1,000 shekel increase in their salaries next month decided to reject a bill to increase soldiers' salaries some 700 shekels in three stages," the soldiers charged. "We have the power to make change."

Despite the fact that soldiers covered their faces with the signs, several have been identified by their commanders and could face disciplinary action. 

"They are trying to silence us and prevent us from protesting about anything outside of the army, like wages," one female soldier summoned for a disciplinary hearing told Channel 2. "I hope they understand we're not coming to fight against them."

Another soldier noted "they are trying to frighten us because of the pictures we uploaded, but we had no intention of hurting the army."

A military source commented that soldiers should not participate in such protests and had been issued warnings not to do so.