Ahmed Mansara
Ahmed Mansara Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Ahmed Mansara, the 13-year-old Arab terrorist who along with his 15-year-old cousin stabbed a 13-year-old and 21-year-old in Pisgat Ze’ev in Jerusalem, made a surprising move on Tuesday by denying the charges of attempted murder against him - meaning he will likely serve prison time.

It had been expected that Mansara would confess to the two attempted murders in order to be sentenced before he turns 14 in January, at which point it will be possible to sentence him to time in prison.

But by denying his guilt in the brutal attacks that were caught on security cameras, Mansara will be handed a sentence after turning 14, and will thereby be fit to fulfill a prison term for his crimes.

The terror teen's lawyers, including Attorney Leah Tzemel, claimed that Mansara had no intention to murder but rather only wanted to scare people - he and his cousin chased down civilians, brutally stabbing the 13-year-old victim as he rode on a bike after leaving a market where he had bought candy.

The prosecution expressed hope that the legal proceedings will last beyond January 22, Mansara's birthday, so that he will be sent to jail.

Miraculously the 13-year-old victim of the attacks, who was critically wounded, made a recovery and was released two weeks ago from hospital. He had been unconscious for a week, and just eight days ago returned to consciousness and began breathing on his own again.

The second victim has also recovered from his serious wounds.