A 25 year-old security guard for the Light Rail was wounded in a stabbing attack early Tuesday afternoon.

פיגוע דקירה בפסגת זאב

He suffered moderate injuries to his chest and head and is fully conscious, and was transferred by Magen David Adom (MDA) medics to Shaarei Tzedek hospital for treatment.

Two Palestinian Arab terrorists - minors from the nearby Shuafat neighborhood - carried out the attack shortly after 12:15 pm Tuesday afternoon.

One, a 14 year-old, has been arrested; the other, an 11 year-old, was injured in his lower body after security forces opened fire. He is being treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital and is listed in serious condition. 

MDA paramedic David Delfin was in his private car near the site when the terrorists attacked.

"I saw a train stopped, there were large forces of police and security guards and a young man of about 24 laying on the pavement," he stated to the press. "He was fully conscious with stab wounds."

"We gave him quick emergency treatment at the site and transferred him via ambulance," he continued. 

Medics Aharon Adler and Eliezer Assouline escorted the guard to hospital.

"Along the way, the victim was conscious and interacted with us," they recounted. "He suffered superficial stab wounds in the head and upper body; during the evacuation to the hospital we gave him medical treatment, including stopping bleeding and changing dressings and giving fluids, and his condition was defined as mild to moderate and stable."

Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Police praised the quick response of security forces for preventing the situation from escalating. 

Israel's Pat (Jerusalem neighborhood - ed.) station commander, Chief Superintendent Avi Cohen stated that "the rapid and determined response of the train's guards and passengers prevented [...] injury to innocent people."

This is the first attack for some time in Jerusalem itself, which has experienced a few rare days of calm since the terror wave began in late September. But minutes after the teen terrorists struck, a second attacker struck at Damascus Gate, just outside Jerusalem's Old City.