One product found in the hall
One product found in the hall Chief Rabbinate

The Chief Rabbinate has published updated kosher guidelines after the national unit for law enforcement found a number of faults in a Shoham event hall.

The hall in question was cited for having unkosher food products, unsupervised leafy greens, goods that were imported without the Rabbinate's approval, goods sold without a legal kosher certification, and even fungal infestations. Furthermore, the kashrut supervisor was not present at the time of the inspection, which is against the rules.

Rafi Yohai, the director of the Rabbinate's kashrut enforcement unit, says that the findings were completely against the Chief Rabbinate's instructions and will be handled by the Shoham Rabbinate.

Other Rabbinate officials have told Arutz Sheva that "Rav Stav is always talking about the systems for kashrut and marriage, claiming they are not properly supervised. We think that Rav Stav should careful check what happens in his house and in areas that are under his authority before he speaks about the national kashrut system."

הרבנות נגד הרב סתיו

מוצרים לא כשרים נתפסו באולם שמחות ביישוב שוהם. גורמים ברבנות הראשית: "שהרב סתיו יבדוק מה קורה במערכת הכשרות אצלו בבית".

בעקבות הממצאים החמורים מסרו גורמים ברבנות לערוץ 7: "הרב סתיו מדבר כל היום על מערכת הכשרות והנישואין שלא מתפקדות כראוי. אנו ממליצים לרב סתיו לבדוק היטב מה קורה אצלו בבית באזורים שנמצאים בתחום אחריותו בטרם ידבר על מערכות הכשרות הארציות".