Residents of the Jewish town of Yitzhar in Samaria blocked the road to the nearby Arab town of Huwara Sunday afternoon, after three successive terrorist attacks in just six hours.

In the first attack, an Arab driver ran over four Israeli civilians, including a pregnant woman, at Tapuach Junction just south of Huwara.

Shortly after, a security guard was stabbed and lightly wounded outside the town of Betar Illit.

In the third attack, a 48-year-old man was seriously wounded in a stabbing near the town of Alfei Menashe.

Yitzhar spokesman Ezri Tubi told Arutz Sheva locals had had enough of the constant attacks, and were prepared to take matters into their own hands if the government is not willing to "look the problem in the eye."

"Israeli citizens were attacked, some hurt very badly, and this accumulates to many other terror attacks lately... making us, the citizens of Israel, feel unsafe - and this is something we can't let continue."

Although most of the recent attacks have taken place in Judea and Samaria - due to the massive increase in security check from Judea-Samaria into central Israel - Tubi noted it that the terrorists were simply attacking Jews wherever they could.

"It's easier (in Judea-Samaria) because they live around us and there's a lot of friction between us and the Palestinians living here, but you see it happening everywhere Jews are.

"This is a war against Jews wherever they are."

He said the impromptu protest was meant to send a message that "we can't sit still and continue regular lives when our brothers are being viciously attacked."

"Blocking roads is something, even if it's an unviolent protest it is something every person should do - to step out of the house and say enough is enough, and we won't continue listening and hearing every day that another Jew or another few Jews are stabbed and killed, and Jews are afraid to walk freely in their own county."

Until the Israeli government realized the zero-sum nature of the conflict, there was no way it could ever be solved, he asserted.

"The solution is looking the problem in the eye. The problem is we are facing a society that actually motivates and sanctifies our annihilation... the only problem is that we are not looking at the problem and stating it as it is."