T. at Gush Etzion Junction
T. at Gush Etzion JunctionIDF Spokesperson Unit

IDF Corporal T., a combat warrior in the Shimshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade, was named Thursday as the soldier who earlier in the day shot dead an Arab terrorist trying to conduct a stabbing attack at Gush Etzion Junction in Judea.

In the incident, the terrorist from Hevron approached a bus station at the junction, but before he was able to wound anyone T., who was stationed at the site, spotted him and began standard procedures to arrest a terror suspect.

The terrorist then whipped out a knife and tried to stab the soldier stationed with T., but he beat terrorist to the punch, shooting him dead where he stood.

"As I was securing the Gush (Etzion) Junction we spotted the suspect," described T. "We called for him to cross the road to us, and when he arrived he pulled out a knife with the intention to stab my comrade who was with me."

"At that moment I cocked my weapon and shot him."

However, this not T.'s first time eliminating terrorists - just last week he took out two others.

Last Tuesday as he was stationed at the exact same junction, T. shot two Arab terrorists dead after they stabbed and moderately wounded an IDF soldier.

The terrorists had approached the soldiers and were asked to identify themselves, at which point they whipped out their knives and started stabbing T.'s comrade before he responded quickly and eliminated them both.