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Dr. Ran Baratz's criticism is apparently not limited to President Reuven Rivlin, a review of the Mida editor's Facebook page by Channel 2 revealed Thursday.

Appointed Wednesday as Head of Public Diplomacy and Media at the Prime Minister's Office, Baratz quickly came under fire for controversial comments mocking Rivlin for "marginality" and lacking importance. 

But, Baratz appears to have also focused his "satire" on a number of elected officials across the political spectrum - at home and abroad. 

"[US] President Obama is not ignorant," Baratz wrote in August. "He must know he's feeding a years-long nest of anti-Semitism, which blames American Jews for dragging the United States into wars."

In another post, Baratz derided US Secretary of State for linking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Islamic State, asserting that "to Kerry's credit, no other Miss America could have said it better." 

"It's time to wish the Secretary of State good luck, and to go and count two years on the calendar with the hope that someone in the State Department will wake up and start seeing the world through the prism of man whose mental age is higher than twelve."

Baratz also blasted former education minister Shai Piron's call to accept Syrian refugees into Israel as a "temporary lack of sanity."

Despite his association with nationalist circles, Baratz has also frequently been critical of the Israeli right. In an article written earlier this year, he argued against the attempt to oust MK Hanin Zoabi from the Knesset, calling it a "lack of political wisdom."

Even Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman was not spared, with Baratz awarding his politics the "crown of wretchedness" for his "zigzag[ing] right and left with no shame and no competition." 

"Every day his airs, every day his politics. Since Bennett appeared, Liberman has broken the point that when the current right-wing government was formed, he decided to stay outside and share the opposition with Buji, Galon, Zahalka and Ayman Odeh."