Local residents have gathered for a showdown with authorities at Givat Ze'ev's Ayelet Hashahar synagogue, currently slated for demolition.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, one local appealed emotionally and eloquently to Jews worldwide Wednesday, and stated that the congregation is steadfast in its decision not to allow the structure to be razed.

"I'd like to send a message to all the Jews throughout the world," said Ya'akov Teller.

He explained how despite the fact that the plot on which the synagogue was built was purchased legitimately from an Arab owner, "The High Court has decided that they want to destroy this shul."

"We want to say to everyone all over the world… We will stand here under any circumstances, and we will not let them destroy this shul.

"The entire war between the Jihad and the Jewish people rests on these kinds of decisions," he explained. "The question is – will we give in to jihad or will we stand our ground and fight against terrorism in every place?

"This decision is a hallmark," he added. "Will the Jews give in or will they fight against the jihad?"