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Arik Zenuoda, the Jew was attacked by a Muslim terrorist on an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Chad to Addis Ababa Tuesday night, revealed full details of the ordeal Wednesday morning. 

"I'm okay, I'm recovering," he stated in an interview with Army Radio. He said he was attacked after he was spotted reading a book in Hebrew. 

"During landing, another passenger started to choke me - it completely surprised me," he said. "I was not ready for it." 

"I could not speak, I could not breathe. He threw me on the floor," he continued. The attacker, who pummeled him over the head with a metal tray, was shouting 'Allahu Akhbar' and 'Ibtach al-Yehud' (Death to the Jews - ed.). 

Zenouda barely maintained consciousness, but held out nonetheless.

"In the end, two flight attendance and another passenger, a Lebanese citizen, came and somehow managed to overcome him," he noted - but dozens of passengers chose not to get involved. 

Israel's foreign ministry confirmed shortly after the attack Tuesday that the attacker - whom Ethiopian Airlines later identified as Ahmed Alsheikhidris Mohamed - was arrested and in police custody. 

The airline apologized later Tuesday and noted that Mohamed, who was apparently attacking other passengers and crew as well, has been banned from flying again.