Hitler, Anne Frank Halloween costumes
Hitler, Anne Frank Halloween costumesFacebook

New and eye-catching costumes come out every year at Halloween parties, and every year there are people who push the line too far. This year two party-goers in central Florida overstepped the line when they dressed up as Hitler and Anne Frank.

The man dressed as Hitler wore a Nazi cap and armband, and had the dictator's distinctive toothbrush mustache. The woman pinned a yellow star of David to her shirt with the word Jude [Jew in German] in large letters. She also carried a plastic bag of crumbs with the words "Mom Frank" written on it.

The pictures show the pair posing coquettishly, apparently pleased with their boldness. The woman dressed as Anne Frank shared them on Facebook, but she and the others involved were unprepared for the backlash they would get. By the next day, the party host had either shut down her Facebook account or made it complete private. Facebook itself quickly removed the images for violating their terms of service, even from some posts that were criticizing the costumes.

The advocacy organization StandWithUs also put out a statement, explaining: "It is absolutely shocking that we need to say this, but the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime is not a Halloween costume. It is appalling and disgusting that this young woman and man thought thought it appropriate to dress up as such for Halloween - and even more appalling that they posted it on Facebook."