Hair-raising video footage was released by Israeli media on Monday morning, showing an Arab citizen of Israel in the city of Abu Gosh to the west of Jerusalem cruelly sealing his crying infant daughter in a plastic bucket.

The potentially suffocating act of severe abuse was recorded on video and revealed by Walla on Sunday, and can be viewed by clicking the image below.

The abusive father, who hails from a well known family in Abu Gosh, claimed that his potentially lethal action was meant to be "educational."

In the video, he can be heard telling his daughter that he's "taking her to the butcher shop because he gave up on her," before locking her in the bucket and carrying it around the city.

After the video reached the hands of the police, it was decided to summon the abusive father to an investigation, at the end of which he was arrested for abusing a minor.

He was brought in for a hearing on an extension of his detention on Monday, at the end of which an extension of two days was decided.

"This is one of the most shocking pieces of footage we've received," said the police. "The man simply lost it."